Reggie, A Love Story.

Of Unknown Origin

A lovely picture of Reggie.

No one really knows where Reggie came from, but they sure know where he's going, the top. He may be missing a paw, but what he lacks in paws he makes up for in all other ways. He loves hanging out with his people and playing laser. This cat is way too cool to simply walk out of his litter box, he has to jump over the side of it and get litter and poop stuck all over the wall. This is one top shelf, primo cat we're talking about here people. If you're not down with the Reggie you better get with the program.

Meet the family

Deigan, the cat dad.

Amy Kornelson

This is the momma. Animal lover and graphic designer extraordinaire! A true one of a kind.

Amy, the cat mom

Deigan Millikin

This is me, the cat dad! Reggie and I are thick as theives. If I'm at home, we're together.

Billy, the brother

Billy Millikin

Brother of Reggie. A total momma's boy. It took him a while to get used to Reggie.

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